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Società Italiana di Dermatologia Allergologica Professionale e Ambientale
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Contact Dermatitis

Jacob P. Thyssen, MD, PhD

Amber Reck Atwater, MD​


Atopic Dermatitis

Eric Simpson, MD

Jonathan I. Silverberg, MD


Occupational Dermatitis

D. Linn Holness, MD

Pamela Scheinman, MD

Drug-Induced Dermatitis
Paul L. Bigliardi, MD

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Donald V. Belsito, MD

Lawrence Feigenbaum, MD
Lisa A. Garner, MD

Marjorie E. Montañez-Wiscovich, MD, PhD

Douglas L. Powell, MD
Andrew Scheman, MD

Michael Sheehan, MD

Matthew J. Zirwas, MD



David Basketter, D.Sc., F.R.C.Path 

Ronald R. Brancaccio, MD

Bruce A. Brod, MD

Magnus Bruze, MD

Mark D.P. Davis, MD

Anton de Groot, MD

Vincent A. DeLeo, MD

Alison Ehrlich, MD

Peter Elsner, MD

Patricia A. Engasser, MD

Joseph F. Fowler, MD

G. Frank Gerberick, PhD

Jon M. Hanifin, MD

Howard Maibach, MD

James G. Marks, MD
Susan Nedorost, MD

Denis Sasseville, MD

Vinod K. Sharma, MD
Nanette B. Silverberg, MD
Diane Silvestri, MD

Frances J. Storrs, MD

James S. Taylor, MD

Erin M. Warshaw, MD



Robert M. Adams, MD (1987-1992)

Walter G. Larsen, MD (1993-1998)

Ponciano D. Cruz Jr., MD (1998-2020)