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Articles by Monica Corazza

Compound Allergy to a Lipophilic Gel Containing Vitamin E Acetate and Cyclopentasiloxane

Corazza, Monica; Ricci, Michela; Minghetti, Sara; More

Dermatitis. 24(4):198-199, July/August 2013.

Quality of Life and Contact Dermatitis: A Disease-Specific Questionnaire

Ayala, Fabio; Nino, Massimiliano; Fabbrocini, Gabriella; More

Dermatitis. 21(2):84-90, March-April 2010.

Eyelid Dermatitis: An Evaluation of 447 Patients

Ayala, Fabio; Fabbrocini, Gabriella; Bacchilega, Roberto; More

American Journal of Contact Dermatitis. 14(2):69-74, June 2003.