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Articles by Andrew Scheman

Alternatives for Allergens in the 2018 American Contact Dermatitis Society Core Series: Report by the American Contact Alternatives Group

Scheman, Andrew; Hylwa-Deufel, Sara; Jacob, Sharon E.; More

Dermatitis. 30(2):87-105, March/April 2019.

Defining Gaps in Dermatitis Care

Nedorost, Susan; Atwater, Amber; Ardern-Jones, Michael; More

Dermatitis. 28(6):372-375, November/December 2017.

Pediatric Contact Dermatitis Registry Inaugural Case Data

Goldenberg, Alina; Mousdicas, Nico; Silverberg, Nanette; More

Dermatitis. 27(5):293-302, September/October 2016.