Clinical Validity of Tumor-Informed Circulating Tumor DNA Analysis in Patients Undergoing Surgery of Colorectal Metastases

Video Author:Lisa S.M. Hofste, M.Sc. • Maartje J. Geerlings, Ph.D. • Eveline J. Kamping, B.Sc. • Nadine D.H. Kouwenhoven, M.Sc. • Daniel von Rhein, Ph.D. • Erik A.M. Jansen, B.Sc. • Linda M. Garms, B.Sc. • Iris D. Nagtegaal, M.D., Ph.D. • Rachel S. van der Post, M.D.,

Published on:May 23, 2023

These data indicate that tumor-informed circulating tumor DNA detection in the plasma of patients undergoing surgery for metastatic colorectal cancer is feasible and may have clinical value in response monitoring and predicting residual disease. Prospective studies are needed to establish the clinical utility of circulating tumor DNA analysis to guide treatment decisions in these patients.