Germline Cancer Risk Profiles of Patients With Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer: Findings From a Prospective Universal Germline Testing and Telegenetics Program

Video Author:Y. Nancy You, M.D., M.H.Sc. • Julie B. Moskowitz, M.S. • George J. Chang, M.D., M.S. • Maureen E. Mork, M.S. • Miguel A. Rodriguez-Bigas, M.D. • Brian K. Bednarski, M.D., M.E.H.P. • Craig A. Messick, M.D. • Matthew M. Tillman, M.D. • John M. Skibber, M.D.

Published on:March 07, 2023

One in 5 patients with young-onset disease harbored germline cancer predisposition. This detection rate, coupled with a high level of interest and acceptance from patients and feasibility of implementation, supports universal germline cancer risk assessment in this patient population.