Rectal Cancer: Clinical and Molecular Predictors of a Complete Response to Total Neoadjuvant Therapy

Video Author:Brandon C. Chapman, M.D., M.S. • Samuel H. Lai, M.D. • Tyler Friedrich, M.D. • Christopher H. Lieu, M.D. • Marina Moskalenko, M.D. • Jeffrey R. Olsen, M.D. • Whitney Herter, P.A.-C., M.H.S. • Elisa H. Birnbaum, M.D. • Martin D. McCarter, M.D. • Jon D. Vog

Published on:March 07, 2023

In patients with rectal cancer treated with total neoadjuvant therapy, more than one-third will achieve a pathological complete response or sustained clinical complete response with nonoperative management, making oncological resection superfluous in these patients. Smaller, wild-type p53 and SMAD4, and clinically node-negative cancers are predictive features of a complete response.