High Complication Rate After Early Ileostomy Closure: Early Termination of the Short Versus Long Interval to Loop Ileostomy Reversal After Pouch Surgery Randomized Trial

Video Author:Jon D. Vogel, M.D. • Phillip R. Fleshner, M.D. • Stefan D. Holubar, M.D. • Vitaliy Y. Poylin, M.D. • Scott E. Regenbogen, M.D. • Brandon C. Chapman, M.D. • Evangelos Messaris, M.D. • Matthew G. Mutch, M.D. • Neil H. Hyman, M.D.

Published on:January 13, 2023

Early closure of a diverting ileostomy in patients with ulcerative colitis who underwent IPAA is associated with an unacceptably high rate of complications.