Anastomotic Height Is a Valuable Indicator of Long- term Bowel Function Following Surgery for Rectal Cancer

Video Author:Sanne J. Verkuijl, M.D. • Christiaan Hoff, M.D. • Edgar J.B. Furnée, M.D., Ph.D. • Wendy Kelder, M.D., Ph.D. • Daniel A. Hess, M.D. • Fennie Wit, M.D. • Ronald J. Zijlstra, M.D. • Monika Trzpis, Ph.D. • Paul M.A. Broens, M.D., Ph.D.

Published on:January 13, 2023

This study might serve as a guide for the clinician to effectively screen and treat fecal incontinence and constipation during patient follow-up after rectal cancer surgery. More attention should be paid to fecal incontinence in patients with an anastomosis below 4.5 cm and toward constipation in patients with an anastomosis above 9.5 cm.