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Susan Galandiuk, MD
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Official Journal of the
American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons

Monthly Issue Summary: DECEMBER 2021

Summary of the issue from Editor-in-Chief Susan Galandiuk

Video Vignette: December 2021 – Single-Port Robotic Low Anterior Resection With Lateral Pelvic Node Dissection in Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer

Video Vignettes are peer-reviewed monthly features in DC&R that contain video as the major component.

International Meetings

Mattias Soop, MD, PhD
Section Editor

Major meetings of interest to the global readership of DC&R. These include meetings during the current and subsequent calendar year to help plan travel and abstract submission.

International Societies

International Societies, partners, and multinational associations and federations.

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DC&R: Meet new Editor-in-Chief Susan Galandiuk

Hear from new editor-in-chief Susan Galandiuk about new sections, initiatives, and directions at the Diseases of the Colon & Rectum journal. Includes insights into new website features for authors, new sections, and sage advice / tips for authors.

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Short Educational Laparoscopic Video

Interview with Dr. David Margolin discussing the results of a survey of perceptions regarding the colorectal residency application and match process with reviewer Dr. Justin Maykel.

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Clinical Practice Guidelines​

Ian M. Paquette, MD
Chair, ASCRS Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee

The Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee focuses on the creation of clinical practice guidelines​ for various procedures to assist physicians in caring for patients with colon and rectal cancer.

Current Status Review

Karim Alavi, MD, MPH
Section Editor

Prospective authors interested in submitting a systematic review or meta-analysis manuscript now have the option of submitting a detailed outline of the proposed article.

Didactic Video Collection

Alessandro Fichera, MD
Section Editor

Featuring educational videos. Prospective authors interested in submitting a didactic video may view library table of contents​.​

Free Article of the Week​​​​

Joshue I. Bleier, MD
Section Editor

Featured weekly and announced on Twitter. Link to free article​​​​​​​

New Technology Collection​

Patricia Sylla, MD
Section Editor

Featuring video content that highlights novel/emerging technologies.


Kyle G. Cologne, MD
Section Editor

Featuring monthly podcasts, interviews with select lead authors, and commentary by an official reviewer. Listen ​to a particular issue in its entirety on your way to work.

Selected Abstracts​

Sean J. Langenfeld, MD
Section Editor

Contributing Abstractors (pictorial roster​)

​​​​​​New Technology​

An Observational Analysis of a Novel Digital Rectoscope

Lewis, James A.; Khan, Shabuddin; Tilney, Henry S.; More. 

December 2021

Stoma-Output Refusion Device for Ileostomy Patients: A Feasibility Study

Liu, Chen; Ludlow, Emma; Davidson, Robert B.; More

November 2021​

Video Demonstration of an Initial Single-Port Robotic Transanal Mesorectal Excision

Marks, John H; Agarwal, Samir; Kunkel, Emily; More

August 2021​

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Didactic Video Collection

Treatment of a Large Enterocele by Laparoscopic Ventral Rectopexy

Curtis Martinez, Carolina; Alcaide Quiros, Maria Jose; Aranaz Ostariz, Veronica; More

December 2021

Laparoscopic Right Hemicolectomy With Complete Mesocolic Excision by Suprapubic Single-Incision With Different Intracorporeal Anastomoses ​

Dapri, Giovanni; Bascombe, Nigel A; Cawich, Shamir O, Fichera, A.

December 2021​

A Step-by-Step Approach to Laparoscopic Intracorporeal Ileocolic Anastomosis

Popeskou, Sotirios; Cristaudi, Alessandra; Dimitrios, Christoforidis

November 2021

Perineal Proctosigmoidectomy with Levatorplasty (Altmeier) Procedure for the Management of Rectal Prolapse

Wright, Jesse P.; Brady, Justin T; Albert, Matthew R.

November 2021

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