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July/August 2013 - Volume 32 - Issue 4
pp: 157-211

A Review of Critical Care Nursing and Disease Outbreak Preparedness

Makamure, Miranda; Makamure, Muriel; Mendiola, Williane; More

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 32(4):157-161, July/August 2013.

A Home Telehealth Heart Failure Management Program for Veterans Through Care Transitions

Baldonado, Analiza; Rodriguez, Lori; Renfro, David; More

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 32(4):162-165, July/August 2013.

PCA BY PROXY: Taking the Patient Out of Patient-Controlled Analgesia: This Controversial Practice Can be Done Safely in Carefully Controlled Circumstances

D’Arcy, Yvonne

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 32(4):200-203, July/August 2013.

Using ABGs to Optimize Mechanical Ventilation: Three Case Studies Illustrate How Arterial Blood Gas Analyses can Guide Appropriate Ventilator Strategy

Lian, Jin Xiong

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 32(4):204-209, July/August 2013.

Using Evidence-Based Leadership Initiatives to Create a Healthy Nursing Work Environment

Nayback-Beebe, Ann M.; Forsythe, Tanya; Funari, Tamara; More

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 32(4):166-173, July/August 2013.

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A Closing Word

Neuro/Trauma Intensive Care Unit Nurses’ Perception of the Use of the Full Outline of Unresponsiveness Score Versus the Glasgow Coma Scale When Assessing the Neurological Status of Intensive Care Unit Patients

Johnson, Valerie D.; Whitcomb, John

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 32(4):180-183, July/August 2013.

Critical Care Nurses’ Perceptions of Preparedness and Ability to Care for the Dying and Their Professional Quality of Life

Todaro-Franceschi, Vidette

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 32(4):184-190, July/August 2013.

Exploring Nurses’ Perceptions of Providing Sexual Health Counseling for Patients With Cardiac Disease: Implications for Evidence-Based Interventions

Barnason, Susan; Steinke, Elaine; Mosack, Victoria; More

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 32(4):191-198, July/August 2013.