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  • Updated:   8/22/2019
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These articles deal with infections in critically ill patients, particularly sepsis.
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A Quality Improvement Program Combining Maximal Barrier Precaution Compliance Monitoring and Daily Chlorhexidine Gluconate Baths Resulting in Decreased Central Line Bloodstream Infections

Lopez, Antoinette C.

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 30(5):293-298, September-October 2011.

Improving Severe Sepsis Outcomes: Cost and Time to First Antibiotic Dose

Hutchison, Robert W.; Govathoti, D. Angeleena; Fehlis, Kyle; More

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 30(5):277-282, September-October 2011.

Triggering Receptor Expressed on Myeloid Cells Type 1 as a Potential Therapeutic Target in Sepsis

Palazzo, Steven J.; Simpson, Terri; Schnapp, Lynn M.

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 31(1):1-6, January/February 2012.

Evidence-Based Practice: Fever Evaluation and Early Recognition of Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome in Critical Care Patients

Kramer, Linda W.

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 29(1):20-28, January-February 2010.

Prevention of Sternal Wound Infections After Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery With Use of Insulin Drug Therapy: A Review of the Literature

Killian, Maggie; Russell, Anne C.; Keister, Kathy J.

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 28(5):199-203, September-October 2009.

Update on the Management of Infection in Patients With Severe Sepsis

Vandijck, Dominique M.; Blot, Stijn I.; Decruyenaere, Johan M.

Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing. 27(6):244-248, November-December 2008.