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Radiation diet

Patro, Kanhu Charan; Avinash, Ajitesh1

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Cancer Research, Statistics, and Treatment 6(1):p 62-63, Jan–Mar 2023. | DOI: 10.4103/crst.crst_2_23
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Nutritional needs are often neglected during and after radiation therapy. Malnutrition occurs not only due to the neoplastic disease itself but also due to the side-effects of radiation. This negatively affects the quality of life of the cancer survivor. In this context, the European Society on Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism guidelines for parenteral and enteral nutrition act as a guide for cancer caregivers detailing the general concepts, energy requirements, and interventions for nutrition of patients with cancer. Here is a poem about nutrition delineating the steps to mitigate the side- effects during and after radiation therapy.

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition

Very important during radiation

Before radiation assessment

During radiation management

Post radiation surveillance

All are important guidance

Mixed causes of nutritional alteration

Local factors due to radiation

Concurrent chemo adds a vomiting sensation

Systemic factors due to tumorization

Mucositis, dysphagia, and aspiration

Xerostomia, dysgeusia in addition

Create a problem for nutrition

That happens during radiation

Ask the patient to drink water

Coughing is a sign to suffer

Coughing is a sign of aspiration

Needs the feeding tube insertion

Everyday weight measurement

It is the one-step nutrition management

Try to maintain a diet chart

It should be in the radiation cart

Patient needs a high-protein diet

No need to restrict fat or carbohydrate

Egg, nuts, paneer, chicken, and mutton

These are the high-protein nutrition

The role of glutamine is not sure

Some studies showed mucositis cure

Multivitamins and minerals

Not recommended more than allowances

When mucositis hinders the flow

To drink, best use a straw

Protein need is one g per kg per day

Energy is 30 calories per kg per day

There are various assessment tools

Any one is ok to keep you cool

Try to avoid parental nutrition

Nothing can replace enteral nutrition

Another factor is oral candidiasis

Needs antifungals to eradicate this crisis

Periodic gargling is required for hygiene

Try magic mouthwash or benzydamine

Soda salt gargle dissolves the sticky substance

Topical anesthetics have their own importance

Another sequel is electrolyte imbalance

Needed during and after radiation surveillance

Organs at risk and target hinder nutrition

Need extra care during their delineation

Keep the medial border of nodal contour medial to the carotid

Nodal contouring articles act here as the guide

Keep the upper border at C1 transverse in level 2 node

Unless you are treating the retropharyngeal node

When addressing the retropharyngeal node

Do not include the medial retropharyngeal node

Base of tongue, supraglottis, and constrictors

They are swallowing supporters

Parotid is not the only salivary target

Other salivary structures are not to forget

If you want to improve the nutrition

Try to improve plan optimization

Oral cavity, vocal cord, and post-cricoid

Please check the dose per volume (cc)

Still, there is value in a midline block

In 2-dimensional planning, try to use that block

Try to collapse the bridge between the vocal cord and post-cricoid

Important for non-laryngopharynx primary

Planning tumors of non-oral cavity

Avoid low-dose spillage over oral cavity

We should not be happy with intensity-modulated radiotherapy

Hope we will plan dose-optimized intensity-modulated radiotherapy

Take care of the nutrition during radiation

Weight loss forces adaptive radiation

Swallowing exercises during and after radiation

Demo videos give better visualization

Mendelsohn, Masako, and Shaker maneuvers

These exercises increase nutrition turnovers

Important post-radiation surveillance

Correct the fluid-electrolyte imbalance

Xerostomia and post-cricoid stenosis

These are the important late crises

Artificial saliva, pilocarpine, and stimulation

Some patients need endodilatation

Restrain yourself from giving more constraint

Otherwise tumor will sustain

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition

Very important during radiation

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