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Society of Chest Pain Centers Meeting the Needs of Critical Access Hospitals

Critical Pathways in Cardiology: December 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 4 - p 196
doi: 10.1097/HPC.0b013e31823de226

The Society of Chest Pain Centers recognizes that smaller facilities in rural areas face challenges unique to their location and limited resources. In most cases, they are not equipped to deal with heart attacks that require intervention. Therefore, triage and transfer are imperative to ensure that these patients receive timely intervention whereas lower risk patients need adequate assessment to rule out symptoms that may or may not be cardiac related.

As the recognized authority in helping hospitals develop better methods of treating ACS patients through implementing best practices and streamlining processes, the Society of Chest Pain Centers has once again taken the lead by offering an accreditation program designed to meet the special needs of critical access hospitals.

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Why Should You Consider Critical Access Hospital Chest Pain Accreditation?

  • There is a growing number of critical access hospitals that receive patients with possible symptoms of a heart attack.
  • Critical access hospitals face multiple challenges including distance from hospitals that can offer intervention, and EMS systems with fewer paramedics.
  • Accreditation provides the tools to analyze and compare facility practice with clinical guidelines and standards.
  • Facilities choosing Critical Access Hospital Chest Pain accreditation will forge partnerships with EMS and receiving hospitals, and position themselves within the community as a facility capable of providing exemplary care for cardiac patients.

This accreditation program was developed to help those facilities designated by CMS to be critical access hospitals sift through these challenges, provide solutions and improve cardiac patient outcomes.

To learn more about Critical Access Hospital Chest Pain accreditation, including eligibility requirements, please visit

Correction: This article replaces “Society of Chest Pain Centers: Meeting the Needs of Critical Access Hospitals and Freestanding Emergency Departments” that was published in error in Critical Pathways in Cardiology, Volume 10, Number 3, September 2011.

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