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January 2023 - Volume 34 - Issue 1

  • Alvaro N Gurovich, PT, PhD, FACSM
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  • Quarterly
Published April 2021

In this issue, we present you one clinical perspective and four research reports. First, Hergenroeder et al. bring their perspective in telerehabilitation in patients after lung transplantation where a traditional, evidence-informed exercise protocol for these patients could be applied to telerehabilitation. Secondly, from Dr. Annemarie Lee’s team in Australia, Frank et al. performed a systematic review and meta-analysis to determine the effects of music listening during pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation. Their findings are intriguing as music listening could produce different effects when applied to pulmonary or cardiac rehabilitation. Then, O’Brien et al. studied vital sign assessment practices in neurological physical therapist. This study aligns very well with the Academy’s Vitals are Vital campaign and found some interesting results, such as a below-recommended assessment guidelines for the professional group. From Dr. Matthew Durand’s team in the Medical College of Wisconsin, Hyngstrom et al. studied oxygenation of the vastus lateralis of stroke survivors during exercise where insights of oxygen desaturation in the paretic side could explain overall cardiopulmonary performance measured via peak oxygen consumption. Finally, Wooten et al., in collaboration with Dr. Randall Keyser from the NIH Clinical Center, studied exercise capacity in women with Lupus Erythematosus. In this interesting study, the authors found that performance fatigability in this clinical population is linked to cardiorespiratory insufficiency.​

Alvaro N Gurovich, PT, PhD, FACSM​
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