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July 2019 - Volume 30 - Issue 3

  • Sean M. Collins, PT, ScD
  • 1541-7891
  • 2374-8907
  • Quarterly

In this issue of CPTJ we are pleased to bring the annual CSM Linda Crane Lecture by Dr. Elizabeth Dean, the annual CSM Lecture from Drs. Ricard and Cahalin, the Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research: The Year In Review (2018) an original research report and a clinical perspective. Consistent with what attendees and readers have come to know and love, the publication of the Linda Crane Lecture and the Research Year in Review live up to all expectations in taking these wonderful presentations offered at CSM to the entire readership. The authors have provided timely and inquisitive thoughts and penetrating analysis to several important and emerging topics as they apply to the practice of physical therapy. Burnfield et al provide an original research report on a motor-assisted elliptical, ICARE, to investigate the influence of predetermined speeds and 2 motor-assistance levels on heart rate, Borg ratings of perceived exertion, and blood pressure. Increases in speed and decreases in motor assistance contributed to clinically relevant increases in these variables. These results will be helpful for consideration of this system in clinical populations. Bednarek et al  describe a format for debriefing after high-fidelity simulation including student responses to the educational benefit of that process. The format described is modeled on best practices in the literature and resulted in high student satisfaction.


Sean Collins, PT, ScD