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October 2020 - Volume 31 - Issue 4

  • Sean M. Collins, PT, ScD
  • 1541-7891
  • 2374-8907
  • Quarterly

In this issue the Journal brings readers five original research reports. Wilson et al. examine the relationship between gait speed before open heart surgery and discharge disposition. As hypothesized patients with slower gait speeds before surgery were less likely to be discharged home. Hergenroeder et al tested a sedentary behavior intervention in older adults in independent living communities. They demonstrate that the strategy is a promising approach to reduce minutes spent in prolonged sitting and for improving physical function and mobility. Blackwood et al report on their study to determine the accuracy of AM-PAC 6-Clicks scores in the prediction of acute care hospital discharge status in adults with cardiovascular disease. As expected, basic mobility scores at discharge are predictors of discharge to home in older adults with CVD. Gore et al examined the validity of the Global Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQv2) in older adults with COPD. Perhaps surprising to some, total physical activity was neither significantly associated with shortness of breath nor lung function. Van Zant et al investigated the metabolic and cardiovascular effects of body weight support treadmill walking at different levels of support in healthy adults. There was no statistical difference for any of the measured dependent variables at the levels of body weight support tested (0, 15, and 30%). 

Sean Collins, PT, ScD


Sit Less for Successful Aging Pilot Study: Feasibility of an Intervention to Reduce Sedentary Time in Older Adults in Independent Living Communities

Hergenroeder, Andrea L.; Barone Gibbs, Bethany; Kotlarczyk, Mary P.; More

Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Journal. 31(4):142-151, October 2020.