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October 2021 - Volume 32 - Issue 4

  • Alvaro N Gurovich, PT, PhD, FACSM (Interim)
  • 1541-7891
  • 2374-8907
  • Quarterly
Published April 2021

In this issue we are pleased to offer readers a variety of manuscripts. First, Ricard et al. put together a literature review article summarizing their 2021 CSM presentation about ‘The Year in review’. Then, Bitzer et al. are sharing their clinical perspective adapting PT services to patients with COVID-19 in the acute setting. In addition, two research reports on pulmonary physiology/rehabilitation focusing on sex differences in abdominal exercises and respiratory pressures, by Kasawara et al., and the relationship between mobility, pneumonia, and hospital stay and costs, by Lloyd et al. Finally, Stam et al. present a very interesting case study about cardiovascular compromise in patients with spinal cord injury, focusing on autonomic dysreflexia, cardiac pacing abnormality, and orthostatic hypotension. It is a privilege to count with such diverse contributions from distinguished authors that will help improving our clinical work and research enterprise.

Alvaro N Gurovich, PT, PhD, FACSM
Interim Editor-in-Chief​