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January 2020 - Volume 31 - Issue 1
pp: 1-101

Diabetes mellitus is not independently associated with mortality in elderly patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction. Insights from the Codi Infart registry

Gual, Miquel; Ariza-Solé, Albert; Formiga, Francesc; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 31(1):1-6, January 2020.

Identification of the culprit artery in inferior myocardial infarction through the 12-lead ECG

Ruiz-Mateos, Borja; García-Borbolla, Rafael; Nunez-Gil, Ivan; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 31(1):20-26, January 2020.

Safety and effectiveness of the self-aPposing, bAlloon-delivered, siRolimus-eluting stent for the Treatment of the coronary Artery disease: SPARTA, a multicenter experience

Montefusco, Antonio; De Filippo, Ovidio; Gili, Sebastiano; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 31(1):27-34, January 2020.

SWEDEHEART-1-year data show no benefit of newer generation drug-eluting stents over bare-metal stents in patients with severe kidney dysfunction following percutaneous coronary intervention

Edfors, Robert; James, Stefan; Szummer, Karolina; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 31(1):49-58, January 2020.

Safety and efficacy of bivalirudin monotherapy in patients with non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndromes with positive biomarkers undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention: a report from the Acute Catheterization and Urgent Intervention Triage Strategy trial

Huang, Xin; Chen, Shmuel; Redfors, Björn; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 31(1):59-65, January 2020.

Clinical and angiographic factors predicting fractional flow reserve and explaining the visual–functional mismatch in patients with intermediate coronary artery stenosis

Watanabe, Heitaro; Onishi, Kyohei; Kakehi, Kazuyoshi; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 31(1):73-80, January 2020.

Ten-year outcomes of an early invasive or a selective invasive strategy in non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndrome patients with and without diabetes mellitus: a subgroup analysis of the ICTUS trial

Hoedemaker, Niels P.G.; Damman, Peter; Woudstra, Pier; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 31(1):95-97, January 2020.