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November 2004 - Volume 15 - Issue 7
pp: 371-460

Do collaterals affect heart rate variability in patients with acute myocardial infarction?

Ozdemr, Ozcan; Soylu, Mustafa; Demr, Ahmet Duran; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 15(7):405-411, November 2004.

Poor coronary collateral circulation is associated with higher concentrations of soluble adhesion molecules in patients with single-vessel disease

Guray, Umit; Erbay, Ali Riza; Guray, Yesim; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 15(7):413-417, November 2004.

Novel insights into coronary lumen preservation during progression of coronary atherosclerosis in coronary atherosclerosis-prone rabbits

Shiomi, Masashi; Ito, Takashi; Hasegawa, Masamitsu; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 15(7):419-426, November 2004.

Integration of clinical and imaging data to predict the presence of coronary artery disease with the use of neural networks

Scott, James A.; Aziz, Kusai; Yasuda, Tsunehiro; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 15(7):427-434, November 2004.

Cutting balloon angioplasty is superior to balloon angioplasty or stent implantation for small coronary artery disease

Iijima, Raisuke; Ikari, Yuji; Wada, Masamichi; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 15(7):435-440, November 2004.

Only transient increase of vascular growth factors and microvascular density after percutaneous myocardial laser

Salem, Mohamed; Rotevatn, Svein; Pettersen, Reidar J.; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 15(7):441-448, November 2004.

Remifentanil limits infarct size but attenuates preconditioning-induced infarct limitation

Kuzume, Koh; Kuzume, Kazuyo; Wolff, Roger A.; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 15(7):449-455, November 2004.