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May 2001 - Volume 12 - Issue 3
pp: 157-258

Significance of both negative T waves and stress-induced normalization of the repolarization phase in infarcted patients: a positron-emission-tomography assessment of regulation of myocardial blood flow and viability of myocardium

Giorgetti, Assuero; Sambuceti, Gianmario; Neglia, Danilo; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 12(3):205-215, May 2001.

Myocardial Doppler tissue velocity improves following myocardial gene therapy with VEGF-A165 plasmid in patients with inoperable angina pectoris

Sylvén, Christer; Sarkar, Nondita; Rück, Andreas; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 12(3):239-243, May 2001.