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Elevated serum fibrinogen levels and risk of contrast-induced acute kidney injury in patients undergoing a percutaneous coronary intervention for the treatment of acute coronary syndrome

Celik, Ibrahim E.; Kurtul, Alparslan; Duran, Mustafa; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 27(1):13-18, January 2016.

Evaluation of the predictive value of coronary artery calcium score for obstructive coronary artery disease in asymptomatic Korean patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Won, Ki-Bum; Chang, Hyuk-Jae; Niinuma, Hiroyuki; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 26(2):150-156, March 2015.

QRS duration: a novel marker of microvascular reperfusion as assessed by myocardial blush grade in ST elevation myocardial infarction patients undergoing a primary percutaneous intervention

Karahan, Zülküf; Yaylak, Baris; Ugurlu, Murat; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 26(7):583-586, November 2015.

Impairment of systemic microvascular endothelial and smooth muscle function in individuals with early-onset coronary artery disease: studies with laser speckle contrast imaging

Souza, Elaine G.; De Lorenzo, Andrea; Huguenin, Grazielle; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 25(1):23-28, January 2014.

Comprehensive assessment of microcirculation after primary percutaneous intervention in ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: insight from thermodilution-derived index of microcirculatory resistance and coronary flow reserve

Park, Sang-Don; Baek, Yong-Soo; Lee, Man-Jong; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 27(1):34-39, January 2016.

Severe coronary artery spasm can be associated with hyperthyroidism

Choi, Yoon-Ho; Chung, Jae Hoon; Bae, Sung Won; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 16(3):135-139, May 2005.

Triple antithrombotic therapy versus dual antiplatelet therapy in patients with atrial fibrillation undergoing drug-eluting stent implantation

Kang, Dong Oh; Yu, Cheol Woong; Kim, Hee Dong; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 26(5):372-380, August 2015.

Fibrinogen in relation to degree and composition of coronary plaque on intravascular ultrasound in patients undergoing coronary angiography

Buljubasic, Nermina; Akkerhuis, K. Martijn; Cheng, Jin M.; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 28(1):23-32, January 2017.

Quantitative analysis of the side-branch orifice after bifurcation stenting using en-face processing of OCT images: a comparison between Xience V and Resolute Integrity stents

Minami, Yoshiyasu; Wang, Zhao; Aguirre, Aaron D.; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 27(1):19-28, January 2016.

A comparison of intracoronary treatment strategies for thrombus burden removal during primary percutaneous coronary intervention: a COCTAIL II substudy

Gatto, Laura; Di Landro, Alessio; Romagnoli, Enrico; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 29(3):186-193, May 2018.

Predictive value of the complex magnetocardiographic index in patients with intermediate pretest probability of chronic coronary artery disease: results of a two-center study

Chaikovsky, Illya; Hailer, Birgit; Sosnytskyy, Volodymyr; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 25(6):474-484, September 2014.

Association of the SYNTAX Score II with cardiac rupture in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction undergoing a primary percutaneous coronary intervention

Rencuzogullari, Ibrahim; Çagdas, Metin; Karabag, Yavuz; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 29(2):97-103, March 2018.

Extracorporeal cardiac shock wave therapy ameliorates myocardial ischemia in patients with severe coronary artery disease

Fukumoto, Yoshihiro; Ito, Akira; Uwatoku, Toyokazu; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 17(1):63-70, February 2006.

Comparison of Resolute zotarolimus-eluting and Xience everolimus-eluting stents in patients with de novo long coronary artery lesions: a randomized LONG-DES VI trial

Kang, Do-Yoon; Lee, Cheol Hyun; Lee, Pil Hyung; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 30(1):59-66, January 2019.

Distinct mouse coronary anatomy and myocardial infarction consequent to ligation

Kumar, Dinender; Hacker, Timothy A.; Buck, Jennifer; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 16(1):41-44, February 2005.

Generalizability of EXCEL and NOBLE results to a large registry population with unprotected left main coronary artery disease

Lee, Pil Hyung; Kang, Se Hun; Han, Seungbong; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 28(8):675-682, December 2017.

Plasma soluble adhesion molecules; intercellular adhesion molecule-1, vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 and E-selectin levels in patients with isolated coronary artery ectasia

Turhan, Hasan; Erbay, Ali Riza; Yasar, Ayse Saatci; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 16(1):45-50, February 2005.

Evolution of nonculprit coronary atherosclerotic plaques assessed by serial virtual histology intravascular ultrasound in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction and chronic total occlusion

Kang, Jeehoon; Jeon, Ki-Hyun; Kim, Seong-Wook; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 27(8):650-657, December 2016.

Prognostic impact of anaemia on patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction treated by primary PCI

Rathod, Krishnaraj S.; Jones, Daniel A.; Rathod, Vrijraj S.; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 25(1):52-59, January 2014.

Extreme late-phase observation using coronary angioscopy until 7 years after sirolimus-eluting stent implantation

Shimura, Tetsuro; Yamamoto, Masanori; Takano, Masamichi; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 27(1):29-33, January 2016.

Impact of initial glycosylated hemoglobin level on cardiovascular outcomes in prediabetic patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention

Shin, Donghun; Ahn, Jinhee; Cha, Kwang Soo; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 27(1):40-46, January 2016.

Thirty-day outcome after transcatheter aortic valve implantation compared with surgical valve replacement in patients with high-risk aortic stenosis: a matched comparison

Stöhr, Robert; Dohmen, Guido; Herpertz, Ralf; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 22(8):595-600, December 2011.

Impact of intracoronary injection of CD133+ bone marrow stem cells on coronary atherosclerotic progression in patients with STEMI: a COMPARE-AMI IVUS substudy

Qiu, Fuyu; Maehara, Akiko; El Khoury, Ramez; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 27(1):5-12, January 2016.

Safety and efficacy of dedicated guidewire and microcatheter technology for chronic total coronary occlusion revascularization: principal results of the Asahi Intecc Chronic Total Occlusion Study

Kandzari, David E.; Grantham, J. Aaron; Karmpaliotis, Dimitrios; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 29(8):618-623, December 2018.