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Pulse pressure correlates with coronary artery calcification and risk for coronary heart disease: a study of elderly individuals in the rural region of Southwest China

Wu, Xinhua; Geng, Yong-Jian; Chen, Zhangrong; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 30(4):297-302, June 2019.

Extracorporeal cardiac shock wave therapy ameliorates myocardial ischemia in patients with severe coronary artery disease

Fukumoto, Yoshihiro; Ito, Akira; Uwatoku, Toyokazu; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 17(1):63-70, February 2006.

Early versus delayed treatment with ticagrelor on residual thrombus after percutaneous coronary intervention in patients presenting with non-ST-elevation acute coronary syndrome: an optical coherence tomography study

Yang, In-Ho; Cho, Jin-Man; Jeon, Hong Ki; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 31(2):195-197, March 2020.

Immediate multivessel intervention versus culprit-vessel intervention only in patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction and multivessel coronary disease: data from the prospective KAMIR-NIH registry

Ahn, Sung Gyun; Lee, Jun-Won; Kang, Dae Ryong; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 30(2):95-102, March 2019.

Effect on mortality of different routes of administration and loading dose of aspirin in patients with ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction treated with primary angioplasty

Rossi, Rosario; Bagnacani, Alessandra; Sgura, Fabio; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 31(4):348-353, June 2020.

A randomized, triple-blind trial of cardiac shock-wave therapy on exercise tolerance and symptoms in patients with stable angina pectoris

Shkolnik, Evgeny; Burneikaite, Greta; Jakutis, Gabrielius; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 29(7):579-586, November 2018.

The impact of atherosclerotic risk factors on disease progression in patients with previously diagnosed nonobstructive coronary artery disease: factors affecting coronary artery disease progression

Durmaz, Eser; Ikitimur, Baris; Karadag, Bilgehan; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 31(4):365-371, June 2020.

Association between circulating big endothelin-1 and noncalcified or mixed coronary atherosclerotic plaques

Wang, Fang; Li, Tiewei; Cong, Xiangfeng; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 30(6):461-466, September 2019.

Quantitative flow ratio and instantaneous wave-free ratio for the assessment of the functional severity of intermediate coronary artery stenosis

Emori, Hiroki; Kubo, Takashi; Kameyama, Takeyoshi; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 29(8):611-617, December 2018.

Distinct mouse coronary anatomy and myocardial infarction consequent to ligation

Kumar, Dinender; Hacker, Timothy A.; Buck, Jennifer; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 16(1):41-44, February 2005.

Multicenter experience with percutaneous coronary intervention for chronic total occlusion in Korean population: analysis of the Korean nationwide multicenter chronic total occlusion registry

Rha, Seung-Woon; Choi, Byoung Geol; Choi, Se Yeon; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 31(4):319-326, June 2020.

Lipoprotein(a) and long-term recurrent infarction after an episode of ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction

Miñana, Gema; Gil-Cayuela, Carolina; Bodi, Vicent; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 31(4):378-384, June 2020.

Comparison of Resolute zotarolimus-eluting and Xience everolimus-eluting stents in patients with de novo long coronary artery lesions: a randomized LONG-DES VI trial

Kang, Do-Yoon; Lee, Cheol Hyun; Lee, Pil Hyung; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 30(1):59-66, January 2019.

Prognostic impact of anaemia on patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction treated by primary PCI

Rathod, Krishnaraj S.; Jones, Daniel A.; Rathod, Vrijraj S.; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 25(1):52-59, January 2014.

The influence of coronary plaque morphology assessed by optical coherence tomography on final microvascular function after stenting in patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction

De Maria, Giovanni L.; Patel, Niket; Wolfrum, Mathias; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 28(3):198-208, May 2017.

Outcomes of patients with and without baseline lipid-lowering therapy undergoing revascularization for left main coronary artery disease: analysis from the EXCEL trial

Chen, Shmuel; Redfors, Björn; Liu, Yangbo; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 30(2):143-149, March 2019.

Role of vitamin D levels and vitamin D receptor polymorphisms in relation to coronary artery disease: the Indian atherosclerosis research study

Shanker, Jayashree; Maitra, Arindam; Arvind, Prathima; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 22(5):324-332, August 2011.

Renal Insufficiency Following Radiocontrast Exposure Trial (REINFORCE): a randomized comparison of sodium bicarbonate versus sodium chloride hydration for the prevention of contrast-induced nephropathy

Adolph, Esther; Holdt-Lehmann, Birgit; Chatterjee, Tushar; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 19(6):413-419, September 2008.

Evolution of nonculprit coronary atherosclerotic plaques assessed by serial virtual histology intravascular ultrasound in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction and chronic total occlusion

Kang, Jeehoon; Jeon, Ki-Hyun; Kim, Seong-Wook; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 27(8):650-657, December 2016.

Cardiogenic shock: predictors of outcome based on right and left ventricular size and function at presentation

Mendes, Lisa A.; Picard, Michael H.; Sleeper, Lynn A.; More

Coronary Artery Disease. 16(4):209-215, June 2005.