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IC3D Classification of Corneal Dystrophies—Edition 2

Weiss, Jayne S.; Møller, Hans Ulrik; Aldave, Anthony J.; More

Cornea. 34(2):117-159, February 2015.

Implications for Ophthalmic Formulations: Ocular Buffers Show Varied Cytotoxic Impact on Human Corneal–Limbal and Human Conjunctival Epithelial Cells

Schuerer, Nadine; Stein, Elisabeth; Inic-Kanada, Aleksandra; More

Cornea. 36(6):712-718, June 2017.

Corneal Transplantation for Infectious Keratitis: A Prospective Dutch Registry Study

Veugen, Judith M. J.; Dunker, Suryan L.; Wolffs, Petra F. G.; More

Cornea. : February 04, 2023

Short-term Efficacy and Safety of Biological Tear Substitutes and Topical Secretagogues for Dry Eye Disease: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis

Jongkhajornpong, Passara; Anothaisintawee, Thunyarat; Lekhanont, Kaevalin; More

Cornea. 41(9):1137-1149, September 2022.

Specifying Risk of Intraocular Lens Opacification After Endothelial Keratoplasty for Different Intraocular Lens Models: A Retrospective Monocentric Cohort Study

Lorenzana-Blanco, Natalia; Velarde-Rodríguez, Gonzalo; Corte-Alonso, Sofía; More

Cornea. : September 29, 2022

Cornea Preservation Time Study: Methods and Potential Impact on the Cornea Donor Pool in the United States

Lass, Jonathan H.; Szczotka-Flynn, Loretta B.; Ayala, Allison R.; More

Cornea. 34(6):601-608, June 2015.

Association Between Fuchs Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy, Diabetes Mellitus, and Multimorbidity

Nealon, Cari L.; Halladay, Christopher W.; Gorman, Bryan R.; More

Cornea. : May 12, 2023

Trends in Microbiological and Antibiotic Sensitivity Patterns in Infectious Keratitis: 10-Year Experience in Mexico City

Hernandez-Camarena, Julio C.; Graue-Hernandez, Enrique O.; Ortiz-Casas, Mariana; More

Cornea. 34(7):778-785, July 2015.