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Articles by Berthold Seitz

Results From the German Fungal Keratitis Registry: Significant Differences Between Cases With and Without a History of Contact Lens Use

Roth, Mathias; Holtmann, Christoph; Daas, Loay; More

Cornea. 40(11):1453-1461, November 2021.

IC3D Classification of Corneal Dystrophies—Edition 2

Weiss, Jayne S.; Møller, Hans Ulrik; Aldave, Anthony J.; More

Cornea. 34(2):117-159, February 2015.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Ocular Chronic Graft-Versus-Host Disease: Report From the German–Austrian–Swiss Consensus Conference on Clinical Practice in Chronic GVHD

Dietrich-Ntoukas, Tina; Cursiefen, Claus; Westekemper, Henrike; More

Cornea. 31(3):299-310, March 2012.

Dysfunctional Tear Syndrome: A Delphi Approach to Treatment Recommendations

Behrens, Ashley; Doyle, John J; Stern, Lee; More

Cornea. 25(8):900-907, September 2006.