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Apperceptive Visual Agnosia

Legend: Video shows a 23-year-old woman who developed severe visual impairments after hypoxic arrest from a narcotic overdose. She described her vision as distorted or blurred. She could tell an object was in front of her but could not tell what it was. Faces were “completely distorted.” She could not identify any visually presented objects, read letters, or copy simple line drawings correctly. Visual acuity, tested with the preferential looking test (patient directs the eyes toward a set of black-and white stripes, in which the thickness of the stripes in some examples approximates 20/20 vision) was normal; she had no other cognitive deficits.

Duration: 1:59

Associated with: CONTINUUM: Lifelong Learning in Neurology. 25(5):1329-1361, October 2019

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