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Head-Impulse, Nystagmus, Test of Skew (HINTS) Assessment: Head-Impulse Test in Acute Vestibular Syndrome

Legend: Patient’s head is quickly moved to one side, then to the other. On movements to the patient’s left, the eyes stay focused on the target in front of him. With head movements to the patient’s right, the eyes move off the target. He then makes a voluntary corrective saccade to bring the eyes back to the target. This is considered a positive head-impulse test to the right. The corrective saccade is more obvious after some of the tests than others, likely due to variation in the speed of the movement and the patient’s ability to predict it.

Duration: 0:21

Associated with: CONTINUUM: Lifelong Learning in Neurology. 18(5):1041-1059, October 2012

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