Ethical and Medicolegal Issues

This collection contains Ethical Perspectives and Medicolegal Issues articles published in Continuum. The practice of neurology presents a series of ethical and medicolegal challenges for the clinician. These rarely have simple or straightforward solutions, but require careful consideration by the neurologist. Each article, written by neurologists with particular interest in the area of bioethics, provides a case vignette that raises one or more ethical questions related to the subject area of the issue in which it was published. The discussion that follows is intended to help the reader understand and resolve the dilemma.

Practice Issues

This collection contains Practice Issues articles published in Continuum. In addition to the lifelong learning of new clinical and scientific knowledge, neurologists must understand the constantly evolving environment in which they practice. Changes occur rapidly in reimbursement and regulatory areas, in the integration of evidence-based medicine, and in the implementation of patient safety measures into clinical practice. Each article, written by neurologists with particular experience in systems-based practice and practice-based learning and improvement, present case-based examples of one of these issues as it relates to the clinical topic of the issue in which it was published.


This collection contains Coding Issues articles published in Continuum. Accurate coding is an important function of neurologic practice and this article collection presents helpful information along with examples related to each issue topic. Tips for diagnosis coding, evaluation and management coding, procedure coding, or a combination are presented, depending on which is most useful for the subject area of the issue.

ABPN Article-Based Continuing Certification Pathway

The following Continuum articles have been selected by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) for inclusion in the Article-Based Continuing Certification (ABCC) pathway as part of the Continuing Certification Program (CC/MOC). The American Academy of Neurology has made these articles open to all neurologists participating in the ABCC pathway. For questions regarding the ABCC program, please visit the ABPN’s website or contact the ABPN directly.