AAN/WFN Collaboration

To All WFN CME National Coordinators,

The World Federation of Neurology, with the support of the American Academy of Neurology, is pleased to offer the WFN CME Programme Continuum Online.
  1. The WFN CME Continuum Online Programme has been on general release for some time now.  The WFN will be monitoring and evaluating use of the online facility by WFN CME National Coordinators to determine how best to develop and enhance the user experience and course material covered for all members.
  2. All WFN CME Coordinators are asked to provide as much feedback on their user experience of the online facility in terms of what works well, what doesn't, how you are personally using it, and especially how you would use it in your country. This feedback is important to us to make sure we are developing the programme to suit our members future educational needs as part of lifelong learning in neurology.

Please send all feedback to the WFN Program Manager: helenme.gallagher@virgin.net.

Login and Password

All WFN CME Coordinators for each Society have been issued with individual logins and passwords via email to access Continuum online. If you have not received your individual password and login or are experiencing a problem with the information provided please contact  the WFN Program Manager who will be able to assist you.

Accessing Continuum Issues Online

Once you have logged into the Continuum Online site, you may access the current issue from the Continuum homepage. To view back issues, click on Back Issues on the right navigation menu.

Discussion Group Guidelines

The latest discussion group guidelines are available for download.

Evaluation Forms

All WFN CME Coordinators should be aware of the importance of feedback for your Societies' continued membership and to the programme as a whole. Please ensure that you send your evaluation forms through to the WFN Program Manager as soon as possible after your organized discussion group meetings.  The evaluations can be sent through to Helen Gallagher via fax: +44 208 450 5671 or by email to: helenme.gallagher@virgin.net.


Certificates are awarded once yearly to the individual participants who return evaluation forms completed with comments and who are members of the national neurological society. There is also a separate certificate for leaders of discussion groups. Please ensure you send the correct information for certificates to the WFN CME Office.