AAN/WFN Continuum Education Program

The American Academy of Neurology, along with its publisher, Wolters Kluwer, provides access to Continuum as an enduring reference and source of education to neurology professionals in World Bank classified low- and low-middle-income countries in collaboration with the World Federation of Neurology as its distribution partner. Through this collaboration, global neurology teams can learn about the latest treatments and techniques and enhance the management of patients with neurologic disease. More than 40 countries currently participate in this collaboration.

For more information about the program, contact Andrea Weiss, Executive Editor, Education and News Publications at [email protected]

Education Coordinators

Education coordinators, who are appointed by their local neurologic societies, are responsible for the organization of the program in their countries. Coordinator-led discussions groups give participants an opportunity to engage with their peers and reinforce information learned through Continuum to enhance their clinical practices. The progress of these programs is monitored by the World Federation of Neurology through participant evaluations, and all programs are expected to submit these evaluations in order to continue participating in the program.

All Education Coordinators have been issued login information via email to access Continuum. If you have not received login information for your program or are experiencing a problem with the information provided please contact the WFN Program Manager, Helen Gallagher, at [email protected].