The Role of Electrodiagnostic Testing, Imaging, and Muscle Biopsy in the Investigation of Muscle Disease

Laura K. Rosow, MD; Anthony A. Amato, MD, FAAN Muscle and Neuromuscular Junction Disorders p. 1787-1802 December 2016, Vol.22, No.6 doi: 10.1212/01.CON.0000511068.61017.55
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Purpose of Review: This article reviews the roles of electrodiagnostic testing, imaging studies (MRI and ultrasound), and muscle biopsy in evaluating patients for possible muscle diseases.

Recent Findings: In addition to electrodiagnostic testing and muscle biopsy, muscle imaging is increasingly being used in the evaluation of patients with suspected muscle disease. MRI and ultrasound can help identify patterns of muscle involvement that may narrow the differential diagnosis and guide further testing. In addition, imaging can identify potential targets for muscle biopsy and can help evaluate for and exclude certain conditions that may mimic muscle disease.

Summary: This article provides a comprehensive overview of various testing modalities used in the evaluation of patients with suspected muscle disease, including electrodiagnostic studies, muscle imaging, and biopsy. In combination with a thorough history and clinical examination, these modalities can help narrow the differential diagnosis or, in certain cases, can confirm a specific etiology of muscle disease.

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