Emerging Therapies in Neurorehabilitation

Mary L. Dombovy, MD, MHSA, FAAN Neurorehabilitation p. 530-544 June 2011, Vol.17, No.3 doi: 10.1212/01.CON.0000399071.61943.e3
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Just as advancing technology has furthered our understanding of how the nervous system recovers, technology also enables the development of novel approaches to treatment. Because nervous system disease and injury often lead to severely impaired function, patients and families are willing to try anything, so therapies are often adopted with little evidence that they actually work. Evidence shows that comprehensive rehabilitation programs produce better outcomes, but it is still not understood what components of these multifaceted programs are critical to their success. Functional neuroimaging and other modalities now allow monitoring of neurophysiologic changes that can be paired with assessments detailing clinical changes, furthering our understanding of the factors that influence the recovery process. This article discusses several novel and emerging therapies in neurorehabilitation as well as recent multistudy reviews of selected treatments.

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