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Sam Ahmedzai
Sheffield University,
Sheffield, UK

Anthony Dickenson
University College London,
London, UK
Edward Chow
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre,
Toronto, Canada

Editorial Board
Augusto Caraceni
National Cancer Institute of Milan,
Milan, Italy

David Currow
Flinders University,
Bedford Park, Australia

Aminah Jatoi
Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation,
Rochester, USA

Dorothy MK Keefe
University of Adelaide,
Adelaide, Australia

Allan Lipton
Pennsylvania State
University College of Medicine,
Hershey, USA

M Patricia Rivera
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,
Chapel Hill, USA

Fred Saad
University of Montreal,
Montreal, Canada

Michael Tisdale
Aston University,
Birmingham, UK

Galina Velikova
Cancer Research UK Centre,
Leeds, UK

Lowell Anthony
Lousiana State University,
Health Sciences Center,
New Orleans, USA

James Beattie
Cicely Saunders Institute,
King’s College London,
London, UK

James R Berenson
Institute for Myeloma
and Bone Cancer Research,
West Hollywood, USA

Gustavo De Simone
Universidad del Salvador,
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Cardiac and circulatory problems

Edited by James M Beattie
Communication in cancer: its impact on the experience of cancer care
Edited by Elie Isenberg-Grzeda and Janet Ellis

Pain: cancer
Edited by Anthony H Dickenson and Paul W Farquhar-Smith
Pain: non-malignant diseases
Edited by Anthony H Dickenson and Kirsty Bannister 
Gastrointestinal symptoms
Edited by Nicole Blijlevens and Andrea Stringer

Respiratory problems
Edited by Magnus Ekstrom and Morag Farquhar
Living with cancer and the consequences of treatment 
Edited by Lynn Calman and Natasha Campling
Renal and urological problems
Edited by Fred Saad
Cancer Cachexia Society abstracts
Edited by Barry Laird

Cachexia, nutrition and hydration

Edited by Aminah Jatoi and Barry JA Laird

End of life management
Edited by Gustavo De Simone

Blood, bone marrow and lymphatics
Edited by Christopher Dalley