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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A high impact review journal which boasts an international readership, Current Opinion in Rheumatology offers a broad-based perspective on the most recent and exciting developments within the field of rheumatology. Published bimonthly, each issue features insightful editorials and high quality invited reviews covering two or three key disciplines which include vasculitis syndromes, medical physiology and rheumatic diseases, crystal deposition diseases and rheumatoid arthritis. Each discipline introduces world renowned guest editors to ensure the journal is at the forefront of knowledge development and delivers balanced, expert assessments of advances from the previous year.

Publication & Editorial Staff Contacts


Sarah Booth
S​[email protected]

Editorial Coordinator
Joanna Hodgkison

Managing Editor
Asha Nandha

Production Editor
Kavi Ganeshananthan

Kristin Ciotto
[email protected]

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Sarah Booth, Publisher
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