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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​With its easy-to-digest reviews on important advances in world literature, Current Opinion in Oncology offers expert evaluation on a wide range of topics from sixteen key disciplines including sarcomas, cancer biology, melanoma and endocrine tumors. Published bimonthly, each issue covers in detail the most pertinent advances in these fields from the previous year. This is supplemented by annotated references detailing the merits of the most important papers.

Publication & Editorial Staff Contacts

​​Sarah Booth
S​[email protected]

Editorial Coordinator
Sneha Iyer
[email protected]

Managing Editor
Asha Nandha
[email protected]​​

Production Editor
​​Hema Lutchmeenaraidoo

Kristin Ciotto
[email protected]

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Reprints and Special Projects (U.S./Canada)
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Sarah Booth, Publisher
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