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29(1) - Chrystalina Antoniades - Eye movements and deep brain stimulation

Video Author: Chyrstalina Antoniades
Published on: 02.29.2016
Associated with: Current Opinion in Neurology. 29(1):69-73, February 2016

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Creator: Chyrstalina Antoniades
Duration: 1:25
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Creator: Michael S. Okun
Duration: 2:43
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Duration: 2:47
Antonio Arauz, Eivind Berge, and Peter Sandercock
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Creator: Matthias Preusser, Anna S. Berghoff, and Andreas F. Hottinger
Duration: 0:42
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Creator: Michel Modo, Fabrisia Ambrosio, Robert M. Friedlander, Stephen F. Badylak, and Lawrence R. Wechsler
Duration: 4:26
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