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Editorial Board

Robert C Read
The University of Southampton
Hampshire, UK
Thomas Patterson
University of Texas Health Science Center,

Editorial Board
NJ Beeching
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine,

Y Carmeli
Tel Aviv University,
Tel Aviv, Israel

R Fujii
Okayama Prefectyral Institute for
Environmental Science and Public Health,
Okayama, Japan

J Garau
University of Barcelona,

D Guillemot
Institut Pasteur, Paris,

H Lode
Free University of Berlin,

Robert C Read
The University of Southampton
Hampshire, UK

WM Scheld
University of Virginia Health Systems,
Charlottesville, USA

TC Sorrell
University of Sydney,

M Struelens
University of Brussels,

DA Warrell
University of Oxford, UK

J Weber
Imperial College School of Medicine,
London, UK

RJ Whitley
University of Alabama,
Birmingham, USA


HIV infection and AIDS
Edited by David Dockrell, Sheffield Medical School, University of Sheffield, UK

Sexually transmitted diseases
Edited by Karen Rogstad, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS foundation Trust, UK and University of Sheffield Medical School, UK

Central nervous system infections
Edited by Matthijs C Brouwer, ​
University of Amsterdam,

Skin and soft tissue infections
Edited by Matteo bassetti, Santa Maria, 
Misericorida University Hospital, Uldine, Italy

Respiratory infections
Edited by Michael S Niederman, SUNY at Stony Brook New York, USA

Paediatric and neonatal infections
Edited by Paul T Heath, St George’s, University of London Hospital, London, UK

Pathogenesis and immune response
Edited by Dennis L Stevens, VA Medical Center, Boise, USA


Nosocomial and hospital-related infections
Edited by Trish M. Perl, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, USA

Nosocomial and hospital- related infections
Edited by trish M. Perl, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 
Baltimore, USA

Tropical and travel-associated diseases
Edited by Joseph M Vinetz, University of California,
University of California San Diego, USA and
Yukari C Manabe, John Hopkins University, USA

Gastrointestinal infections
Edited by A Clinton White,
University of Texas Medical Branch, USA and Gagandeep Kang,
Christian Medical College, Vellore,

Antimicrobial agents: bacterial/fungal
Edited by Monica A Slavin,
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre,
Melbourne, Australia and William Irving,
University of Nottingham, UK

Antimicrobial agents: viral