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Editorial Board

Jean-Louis Vincent, MD, PhD
Free University of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

Editorial Board
​Derek A​ngus
University of Pittsburgh, USA

Rinaldo Bellomo
Austin Hospital, Australia

Tom P Bleck
Rush University Medical Center, USA

R Phillip Dellinger
Cooper University Hospital, USA

Jessie Hall
University of Chicago, USA

Jeremy M. Kahn
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA

Peter Le Roux
Lankenau Medical Center, USA

John C Marshall
Toronto General Hospital, Canada

Greg S Martin
Emory University, USA

Alexandre Mebazaa
Groupe Hôspitalier Saint-Louis-Lariboisiere, France

​Michael S Niederman
SUNY at Stony Brook, USA

Steven M Opal
Brown University, USA

Paolo Pelosi
University of Insubria, Italy

Antonio Pesenti
San Gerardo Hospital, Italy

Michael R Pinsky
University of Pittsburgh, USA

Marco Ranieri
University of Turin, Italy

Michael Reade
University of Queensland, Australia

​Claudio Ronco
San Bortolo Hospital, Vicenza, Italy

Arthur S Slutsky
St, Michael's Hospital Toronto, Canada

Jukka Takala
University Hospital Bern, Switzerland

Julia Wendon
Kings College London, UK


Respiratory system
Edited by Lauren J Brochard and Tài Pham

Edited by Mauro Oddo

Gastrointestinal system
Edited by Constantine J Karvellas

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Edited by Hans Friberg

Cardiopulmonary monitoring
Edited by Anthony McLean

Metabolic support
Edited by Mette M Berger

Cardiovascular system
Edited by Holger Thiele

Infectious diseases
Edited by Michael S Niederman

Critical care outcomes
Edited by Elizabeth Wilcox

Renal system
Edited by TBC

Emergencies in critical care
Edited by TBC

The surgical patient
Edited by TBC