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Blog is about the changes and updates related to the implementation of the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Consensus Model for Regulation and the Licensure, Accreditation, Certification and Education changes that will need to take place over the next few years.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Continuation of LACE....
The LACE organization is going through a re-birth of sorts. When the APRN Consensus Model was "birthed" in July of 2008 there was still much work to be done. The group that created the model was very vested in ensuring it would be implemented as it was intended to be implemented. The model took four years of difficult dicussion to create. It was important to all stakeholders that it be implemented and tended so that it could grow in a positive way.
The key principles were to share information in a non-partisan way (refering to the "parties" of the member organizations) with no particular bias toward or away from any of the groups. The intent was to create the forum where parties involved in licensure, accreditation, certification and education could work toward full implementation and with as few unintended consequences as possible. Dialogue between the various silos of nursing was sorely lacking and needed to have a forum where it could be nurtured and grow.
The key stakeholders knew that it would be a difficult process that would be fraught with unanticipated pitfalls along the way. It was important to identify that no one entity "owned" the LACE process so the groups agreed, through a collaborative that was facilitated by Dr. Michael Bligh, to create the online community that is LACE.
LACE has been in existence now for two years...yes it took us two years (2008-2010) to get the specifics nailed down and bring the LACE community together. There have been meetings on at least a quarterly basis online and on conference calls as well as some hybrid meetings that were partially face to face and partially online/conference called. The past two years there has been much to discuss when the group gets together...updates on how various states are implementing the model, how the accreditors have focused and changed the expectations for accreditation of educational programs, how the certifiers are notifying their constituent audiences of the pending retirement of examinations and the process for creation of new exams or updating the current ones to meet the model needs, and the changes that are taking place in education with the updating or creation of role specific competencies and their integration into the curriculum.
The site license for the LACE website is up for renewal and it is providing an opportunity for many of the stakeholders to reflect on whether or not the format of a web site has actually met the needs of the group. It will be interesting to see what happens.
My perspective is that the site has done some things well and some things not as well as they could. There is a perception of partisanship since the site is "owned" by one party but I am not sure how that could change and still run effectively. Initially there was a board set up made up of a number of individuals who would have responsibility for the maintenance of the site and the content on it....I was one of those folks. I have done little over the last two years as the site really has run itself. I would hazard that the others who were on that 'board' would say the same.
Will it stay the same? Will it change? Time will tell. It has been and continues to be an interesting journey.