APRN LACE dialogue for CNSs

Blog is about the changes and updates related to the implementation of the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Consensus Model for Regulation and the Licensure, Accreditation, Certification and Education changes that will need to take place over the next few years.

Monday, May 28, 2012

What is LACE up to these days?
The Licensure, Accreditation, Certification and Education (LACE) group are meeting in both virtual and face to face environments on a monthly basis. There was a meeting on April 24 immediately before the APRN Roundtable discussion in Chicago. This was attended both in person by a number of folks and also there was a large contingent on the phone (in fact there were equal numbers in both venues!).
What were the key topics of discussion on the calls? Here is a summary of the agenda on both the days:
Age parameters...should the LACE group define what the age parameters should be for the pediatric population in particular? The discussion has really centered around cases such as this: a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner caring for a cystic fibrosis patient will still need to provide consultation for them regardless of them being "outside" of the perceived range for a pediatric population (i.e. the 21 year old who has survived due to improved patient care processes as compared to previous years).  
CNS role regarding Wellness to Acute Care...the American Association of Critical Care Nurses Certification Corporation added in a request that CNSs be both educated and tested across the continuum of wellness to acute care as one of the last issues we discussed at the APRN Consenus document discussions. The organizations that represent CNSs, inlcuding NACNS agreed to the statement and now the LACE group is attempting to define what that means exactly. The educator groups are asking what it means and need guidance on how to interpret and then implement.
Primary Care vs Acute Care NP roles....the stakeholder groups are working on a draft statement regarding the similarities and differences.
NACNS Statement on the APRN Consensus Model Implementation ...The document that I have been discussing in the past couple of postings has also been getting discussed at the LACE group. Many of the issues I raised in my discussion of the document were also raised by the parties involved. For example the certifiying bodies were mirroring my comments from May 13th. Other discussions are being held as well and I will keep you updated as conclusions are reached.
National Council of State Boards of Nursing...has created a new document on the requirements for accrediting agencies and criteria for APRN certification programs. I will go into more detail on this document in subsequent postings but take a look for yourself. The document is available on the NCSBN website. What do you think of the requirements that have been listed?
The work goes on and it is being done collaboratively with input from all of the APRN groups. That is a positive step from my perspective. It holds all the groups accountable to the intent of the Consensus Model and ensures that there is little rogue behavior that can occur...good...let's hold each other true to the document and the work that was done.