APRN LACE dialogue for CNSs

Blog is about the changes and updates related to the implementation of the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Consensus Model for Regulation and the Licensure, Accreditation, Certification and Education changes that will need to take place over the next few years.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The LACE happening...
A meeting held on the virtual LACE page and phone conference was informative and positive. Discussions centered around interpretation of various elements of the document for each of the APRN roles.
Nothing earth shattering took place but it is very good to see that the dialogue is continuing and that groups vested in the various roles are in fact working hard to implement the document and make that implementation equitable and fair for as many as possible.
Discussion around the American Operating Room Nurses (AORN) Association most recent document around the role of the RN First Assist and how the APRN fits into that role were raised. The Nurse Midwives are concerned about the current draft as it would impact the ability of the Certified Registered Nurse Midwife (CRNM) to assist with c-section deliveries in the role of the First Assist. The AORN document is still in draft and there are comments that will be posted relative to the impact of the suggested changes which have been modeled on the APRN Consensus document. This is the heart and soul of the intent of LACE...organizations present their suggested changes and seek feedback on them before they are fully implemented so that changes can be made prior to doing harm to any section of the APRN group. 
It is imperative that all organizations move forward and that they opt in to the discussion and dialogue phases before fully implementing a change that could have many unintended consequences. Through healthy discussion and dialogue we CAN make this happen and we can do it in a positive manner that raises all of us rather than diminishing anyone so that another can rise.
Let's work collaboratively as we are intended to work...only in this way can we all be stronger and faster in our responses to potential threats from outside the profession. Thank you AORN for sharing the document. Thank you CRNMs for raising the issue. Let's keep the discussion going....