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Epidemiology of Sepsis-3 in a sub-district of Beijing: secondary analysis of a population-based database

Tian, Hong-Cheng; Zhou, Jian-Fang; Weng, Li; More

Chinese Medical Journal. 132(17):2039-2045, September 5, 2019.

Association of cardiovascular diseases with milk intake among general Chinese adults

Wang, Xin-Yan; Liu, Fang-Chao; Yang, Xue-Li; More

Chinese Medical Journal. 133(10):1144-1154, May 20, 2020.

Pandemic of the aging society — sporadic cerebral small vessel disease

Lau, Alexander Yuk Lun; Ip, Bonaventure Yiu Ming; Ko, Ho; More

Chinese Medical Journal. 134(2):143-150, January 20, 2021.