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  • Updated:   12/29/2022
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The disease burden of pancreatitis in China has declined in the past 30 years, but the exacerbation of population aging poses a challenge to prevention and control of pancreatitis. Alcohol use has gradually become an important factor in the disease burden of pancreatitis in recent years. GBTC is becoming a major health burden in China, particularly among males and older individuals. Given the aging population and increasing burden, effective strategies and measurements are urged to prevent or reduce the number of new cases and deaths of GBTC.Substantial discrepancies were observed in the premature mortality burden of CRC across China. Targeted considerations were needed to promote a healthy lifestyle, expand cost-effective CRC early screening and diagnosis, and improve medical treatment to reduce CRC mortality among high-risk populations and regions with inadequate healthcare resources.

Global trends and regional differences in non-transport unintentional injuries mortality among children and adolescents, 1990 to 2019: results from the Global Burden of Disease 2019 study

Liu, Yunfei; Dong, Yanhui; Yan, Xiaojin; More

Chinese Medical Journal. 135(17):2056-2065, September 05, 2022.