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March 2009 - Volume 16 - Issue 2
pp: 61-113

Skeletal Muscle in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Jackson, Abigail Susan; Hopkinson, Nicholas

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 16(2):61-67, March 2009.

The Role of PET Imaging in Solitary Pulmonary Nodules

Detterbeck, Frank C.; Khandani, Amir H.

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 16(2):81-88, March 2009.

B-Type Natriuretic Peptide and Weaning From Mechanical Ventilation

Dessap, Armand Mekontso; Brochard, Laurent

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 16(2):89-94, March 2009.

Pulmonary Aspergillosis: Different Diseases for the Same Pathogen

Dimopoulos, George; Karampela, Irene

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 16(2):68-73, March 2009.

Pulmonary Arterial Filling Defects on Thoracic Cross Sectional Imaging: Unusual Considerations

Gotway, Michael B.; Tillinghast, A Judson

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 16(2):109-113, March 2009.

Treatment of Connective Tissue Disease-Associated Interstitial Lung Disease

Fischer, Aryeh; Brown, Kevin K.; Frankel, Stephen K.

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 16(2):74-80, March 2009.

The Role of Statins in Respiratory Diseases

Feldman, Charles

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 16(2):95-100, March 2009.

The Diagnostic Value of Computer-Aided Detection at Multidetector-Row Spiral Computed Tomography for Pulmonary Embolism

Bastarrika, Gorka; Blackmon, Kevin N.; Ravenel, James G.; More

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 16(2):101-105, March 2009.