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November 2006 - Volume 13 - Issue 6
pp: 315-375

Systemic Steroids for the Treatment of Acute Asthma: Where Do We Stand?

Sherman, Michael S.; Verceles, Avelino C.; Lang, David

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 13(6):315-320, November 2006.

Pneumonia in a Patient With Gastroesophageal Reflux and Chronic Constipation: Lipoid Pneumonia: Diagnostic and Imaging Considerations

Strachan, Paul; Chandra, Subani; Rossoff, Leonard

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 13(6):321-323, November 2006.

Focal Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia Simulating Bronchogenic Carcinoma

dos Santos, José Wellington Alves; Santos, Rafael Cristiano Geiss; Fagundes, Ariovaldo; More

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 13(6):324-327, November 2006.

Management of Corticosteroid-Refractory Neurosarcoidosis

Vahid, Bobbak; Weibel, Sandra

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 13(6):328-331, November 2006.

Strategies for Controlling Glucose in the Intensive Care Unit

Hermayer, Kathie L.

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 13(6):332-347, November 2006.

Polyneuropathy and Discontinuation From Mechanical Ventilation

Amaya-Villar, Rosario; Garnacho-Montero, J; Ortíz-Leyba, C; More

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 13(6):348-352, November 2006.

Multiple Lung Nodules in an Asymptomatic Patient

Joshi, Manish; Raza, Tasleem; Schapira, Ralph M.; More

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 13(6):368-371/PG>, November 2006.

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