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Respiratory Disease and Fiberglass Exposure: Report of a Case and Review of the Literature

Vahid, Bobbak; Awsare, Bharat; Marik, Paul E.

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 14(5):296-301, September 2007.

Prevalence and Economic Burden of Bronchiectasis

Weycker, Derek; Edelsberg, John; Oster, Gerry; More

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 12(4):205-209, July 2005.

Herpes Simplex Virus Bronchopneumonitis in Patients Receiving Mechanical Ventilation in the Intensive Care Unit

Luyt, Charles-Edouard; Combes, Alain; Nieszkowska, Ania; More

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 15(3):132-137, May 2008.

Vocal Cord Dysfunction: Etiologies and Treatment

Morris, Michael J.; Allan, Patrick F.; Perkins, Patrick J.

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 13(2):73-86, March 2006.

Theophylline in Weaning Adult Patients From Mechanical Ventilation: Review of the Literature

Sodhi, Manica; Stoller, James K.

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 16(4):212-218, July 2009.

Respiratory Problems in Parkinson Disease

Mikaeele, Haleh; Arami, Mohammed Ali; Marandi, Mohammad Yazdchi; More

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 16(3):139-143, May 2009.

Eosinophilic Lung Disease Associated With Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Jain, Raksha; Katz, Jason N.; Amirkhan, Robin H.; More

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 14(1):13-16, January 2007.

Chemotherapy-Induced Lung Disease

Vander Els, Nicholas J.; Stover, Diane E.

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 11(2):84-91, March 2004.

Cystic and Solid Brain Metastases in a Patient With Small Cell Lung Carcinoma

Balasubramanian, Vijay P.; Kocak, Mehmet; Schapira, Ralph M.

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 12(6):370-372, November 2005.

Oral Care of Intubated Patients

Blot, Stijn; Vandijck, Dominique; Labeau, Sonia

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 15(3):153-160, May 2008.

Using the Fluticasone Propionate and Salmeterol Combination to Achieve Guideline-Defined Asthma Control in a Wide Range of Patients

Quirce, Santiago; Poterre, Marc; Adamek, Lukasz P.

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 16(1):1-9, January 2009.

Imaging of Pulmonary Infarction

Latson, Larry A. Jr.; Godelman, Alla; Haramati, Linda B.

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 17(6):282-289, November 2010.

The Right Heart Catheterization for the Pulmonologist: The Diagnosis, Management, and Prognosis of Patients With Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Rumbak, Mark J.; Cox, Jennifer; Dray, David; More

Clinical Pulmonary Medicine. 17(5):239-243, September 2010.