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​CORR is pleased to present infographics providing a visual representation of select CORR content. Each infographic highlights important features from the corresponding article. 
CORRJ_15_3_Infographic_May_12_2020 resize.png

Influenza Vaccination is Not Associated with Increased Number of Visits for Shoulder Pain
CORRJ_16_5_Infographic_Aug_10_2020 resize 8.28.2020.png

A Low Percentage of Patients Satisfy Typical Indications for Single Stage Exchange Arthroplasty for Chronic Periprosthetic Joint Infection
CORRJ_17_4_Infographic_Aug_05_2020-1 reszie 8.28.2020.png

What are the Patient-Reported Outcomes Complications, and Radiographic Results of Lumbar Fusion for Degenerative Spondyloisthesis in Patients Younger than 50 Years?
CORRJ_14_3_Infographic_May_13_2020 resize.png

Synovial Fluid Aspirates Diluted with Saline or Blood Reduce the Sensitivity of Traditional and Contemporary Synovial Fluid Biomarkers
CORRJ_7_Infographic _Dec_16_2019 v3-1 resize june.png

Women Are at Higher Risk for Concussions Due to Ball or Equipment Contact in Soccer and Lacrosse
CORRJ_4_Infographic_Nov_21_2019 resize june.png

Musculoskeletal Urgent Care Centers in Connecticut Restrict Patients with Medicaid Insurance Based on Policy and Location
resize May 2020 Is Initiating Insulin for Type II Diabetes Associated with.png

Is Switching from Oral Antidiabetic Therapy to Insulin Associated with an Increased Fracture Risk? 
resize CORRJ_12_4_Infographic_Apr_06_2020.png

Are Patient and Surgeon Expectations after ACL Reconstruction Realistic?
resized Mar 2020 Racial Disparities in the Timing of Hip Fracture Radiographic.png

Racial Disparities are Present in the Timing of Radiographic Assessment and Surgical Treatment of Hip Fractures
resize Mar 2020 Lipped vs Neutral Polyethylene Liners in THA.png

Are Lipped Polyethylene Liners Associate with Increased Revision Rates in Patients with Uncemented Acetabular Components? An Observational Cohort Study
resized Feb 2020 Network Meta-Analysis of Operative vs.png

What is the Best Evidence for Management of Displaced Midshaft Clavicle Fractures? A Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis of 22 Randomized Controlled Trials
resize CORRJ_9_3_Infographic_Feb_20_2020-19-01000.png

Does Intolerance of Uncertainty Affect the Magnitude of Limitations or Pain Intensity?
resize march CORRJ_8_3_Infographic_Feb_20_2020-19-00493.png

Do External Ankle Supports Improve Dynamic Balance in Patients with Chronic Ankle Instability? A Network Meta-analysis
resized Feb 2020 How Accurate Are the Surgical Risk Preoperative.png

resized Jan 2020 Ketorolac Decreases Post-Operative Pain.png

How Does Perioperative Ketorolac Effect Opioid Consumption and Pain Management After Ankle Fracture Surgery?
resized Dec 2019 Partially Melted Particles Increase Bacterial.png

Partially Melted Ti6AI4V Particles Increase Bacterial Adhesion and Inhibit Osteogenic Activity on 3D-printed Implants: An In Vitro Study