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Gothenburg Osseointegrated Hip Arthroplasty: Experience With a Novel Type of Hip Design

Albrektsson, Tomas; Carlsson, Lars, V.; Jacobsson, Magnus; Macdonald, Warren

Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research: July 1998 - Volume 352 - Issue - p 81–94

The culmination of more than 10 years of laboratory and clinical research has been the clinical trial of a novel hip arthroplasty for osseointegration. The femoral component of this Gothenburg hip is a neck retaining, threaded fixture with rotational symmetry, produced in commercially pure titanium with a specific surface texture. Proximally, a standard orthopaedic taper trunnion mates with a 28-mm diameter zirconia head that articulates against the acetabular component. The latter is also of textured commercially pure titanium, encapsulating a thick ultra high molecular weight polyethylene liner. Dedicated alignment guides and cutting instruments ensure accurate bone preparation and implant placement. Limited clinical trials commenced in 1992 and expanded to multicenter clinical trials in 1997. Every hip has been monitored with radiostereometry to measure migration to an accuracy of 0.1 mm. AH calcar implanted femoral components show excellent function at 4 to 5 years followup, with no migration revealed by radiostereometry.

Department of Biomaterials and Handicap Research, University of Göteborg, Gothenburg, Sweden.

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