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Diagnosis of Recurrent Traumatic Anterior Subluxation of the Shoulder

Mizuno, Kosaku; Hirohata, Kazushi

Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research: October 1983 - Volume 179 - Issue - p 160–167

Recurrent traumatic anterior subluxation of the shoulder has been infrequently documented. Subluxations have usually been included in reports of recurrent dislocation of the shoulder. There has also been confusion between traumatic and atraumatic subluxation. The authors diagnosed 45 cases of recurrent traumatic anterior subluxation of the shoulder at Kobe University Hospital during an eight-year period. Most patients were injured during sports activities. Patients complained of severe pain with episodes of locking when the shoulder was in abduction, external rotation, and hyperextension. Reduction could be accomplished by the patient. Arthrography demonstrates leaking of contrast medium on the anteroposterior view, and a detached labrum is noted on the posterior tangential view. Arthroscopy reveals Bankart lesions consisting of a ruptured capsule, detached labrum, and erosion of glenoid cartilage. Thirty-five of the patients underwent surgery, including Bankart and Putti-Platt reconstructions. Symptoms were relieved in all patients.

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