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A Comparative Study of 2 Manual-based Self-help Interventions, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Applied Relaxation, for Persons With Chronic Pain


The Clinical Journal of Pain: May 2013 - Volume 29 - Issue 5 - p 469
doi: 10.1097/AJP.0b013e31829261d6
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This article contained an error in Table 2. The abbreviation “SD” should be “SE” (page 720). Also, the corresponding in-text references to the table should appear as: 1. Under “Baseline Data”, p 719: “Table 2 shows… standard error…” and 2. Under “Outcomes”, p 720: “Mean Scores are shown in Table 2”.

Mean Scores on Outcome Variables (N=90)


Thorsell J, Finnes A, Dahl J, et al. A comparative study of 2 manual-based self-help interventions, acceptance and commitment therapy and applied relaxation, for persons with chronic pain. Clin J Pain 2011;27:716–723
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