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March 2022 - Volume 65 - Issue 1

  • James R. Scott, MD
    Steven Gabbe, MD
  • 0009-9201
  • 1532-5520
  • 4 issues / year
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology 60/83
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In the March 2022 issue of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology there are two symposia topics:

Uterine Transplantation in Pregnancy

Uterine transplantation has now been established as a clinically feasible treatment for the otherwise last incurable cause of infertility.  Drs. Gregg and Johannesson have made major contributions to the long and often controversial road from perfecting a safe surgical procedure and immunosuppressive regimen to the successful delivery of healthy infants.  They have recruited experts to author this collection of articles which together provide the most comprehensive summary of this topic published to date. This symposium will serve as a useful reference for all clinicians and our readers.  As you will see from their Foreword, it is also a field that I have been personally involved in.

 COVID-19 in Obstetrics:

Two years ago, early in the course of an unprecedented global pandemic, Dr. Scott and I selected COVID-19 and pregnancy as a topic for this journal. That proved to be a good decision, as we are now battling an even more contagious variant with soaring rates of hospitalizations. Over time, we have learned much about COVID-19, its impact on mothers and babies, and its effects on our colleagues. Drs. Dena Goffman and Russel Miller were among the first to care for pregnant patients with COVID-19 in our nation’s epicenter, New York City. As editors of this symposium, they have brought together national experts to provide us with a comprehensive review of COVID-19 infection in pregnancy. This volume will be an invaluable resource for all our readers.


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James R. Scott, MD and Steven G. Gabbe, M.D.

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Uterine Transplantation in Pregnancy

COVID-19 in Obstetrics