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December 2022 - Volume 65 - Issue 4

  • James R. Scott, MD
    Steven Gabbe, MD
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  • Obstetrics & Gynecology 71/85
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​​​​​​​In the December 2022 issue of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology there are two symposia topics:

Controversies in Gynecology

There are certain topics in gynecology that remain controversial and always seem difficult to decide how to manage.  Dr. Mark Turrentine, an experienced and uniquely qualified clinician, has selected a variety of these challenging conditions.  He has chosen experts in each of these conditions to present the available evidence and enlighten us on how to properly manage these disorders.  We welcome this symposium which will be a valuable up-to-date resource for patient care. 

Maternity Care in Rural America:

Access to obstetrical care in rural communities has declined dramatically over the past 2 decades. In fact, a member of our family living in central Oregon had to travel over 200 miles for each of her prenatal visits! The reasons for this crisis are multifactorial, including changes in population demographics, financial pressures, loss of providers, and health system decisions, and, most importantly, they have led to increases in both maternal and infant mortality. In this symposium entitled, “Maternity Care in Rural America,” Dr. Stephen K. Hunter has brought together a multidisciplinary group of experts to describe the problem and offer a variety of  solutions. Their proposals may not only benefit women living in rural America, but those in other underserved communities as well.

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