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Topical Issue: Continuous EEG Monitoring in the Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Units

  • Updated:   8/22/2019
  • Contains:  9 items

American Clinical Neurophysiology Society Standardized EEG Terminology and Categorization for the Description of Continuous EEG Monitoring in Neonates: Report of the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society Critical Care Monitoring Committee

Tsuchida, Tammy N.; Wusthoff, Courtney J.; Shellhaas, Renée A.; More

Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology. 30(2):161-173, April 2013.

Pediatric ICU EEG Monitoring: Current Resources and Practice in the United States and Canada

Sanchez, Sarah M.; Carpenter, Jessica; Chapman, Kevin E.; More

Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology. 30(2):156-160, April 2013.