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Movement Disorders After Exposure to Antipsychotic Drugs in Patients With Depressive Disorders

Rey, María Verónica; Molina, Luis; Recinos, Byron; More

Clinical Neuropharmacology. 41(5):177-180, September/October 2018.

Single-Dose Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of IPX203 in Patients With Advanced Parkinson Disease: A Comparison With Immediate-Release Carbidopa-Levodopa and With Extended-Release Carbidopa-Levodopa Capsules

Modi, Nishit B.; Mittur, Aravind; Rubens, Robert; More

Clinical Neuropharmacology. 42(1):4-8, January/February 2019.

CYP1A2 Genetic Polymorphism Is Associated With Treatment Remission to Antidepressant Venlafaxine in Han Chinese Population

Zhu, Yuhao; Zhang, Naixing; Ren, Decheng; More

Clinical Neuropharmacology. 42(2):32-36, March/April 2019.

Baclofen in the Therapeutic of Sequele of Traumatic Brain Injury: Spasticity

Pérez-Arredondo, Adán; Cázares-Ramírez, Eduardo; Carrillo-Mora, Paul; More

Clinical Neuropharmacology. 39(6):311-319, November/December 2016.

Comparing the Effectiveness and Safety of the Addition of and Switching to Aripiprazole for Resolving Antipsychotic-Induced Hyperprolactinemia: A Multicenter, Open-Label, Prospective Study

Yoon, Hui Woo; Lee, Jung Suk; Park, Sang Jin; More

Clinical Neuropharmacology. 39(6):288-294, November/December 2016.

Long-term Outcome of Adenosine A2A Receptor Antagonist on Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Male Parkinson Disease Patients

Kitta, Takeya; Yabe, Ichiro; Kanno, Yukiko; More

Clinical Neuropharmacology. 41(3):98-102, May/June 2018.

Tetrahydrocannabinol/Cannabidiol Oromucosal Spray in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis: A Pilot Study on the Plasma Concentration-Effect Relationship

Contin, Manuela; Mancinelli, Luca; Perrone, Alessandro; More

Clinical Neuropharmacology. 41(5):171-176, September/October 2018.

Clostridium butyricum MIYAIRI 588 as Adjunctive Therapy for Treatment-Resistant Major Depressive Disorder: A Prospective Open-Label Trial

Miyaoka, Tsuyoshi; Kanayama, Misako; Wake, Rei; More

Clinical Neuropharmacology. 41(5):151-155, September/October 2018.

A Case of Schizophrenia With Catatonia Resistant to Lorazepam and Olanzapine Monotherapy But Responsive to Combination Treatment: Is It Time to Consider Using Select Second-Generation Antipsychotics Earlier in the Treatment Algorithm for This Patient Type?

Spiegel, David R.; Glad, Rachel; Smith, Melanie; More

Clinical Neuropharmacology. 42(2):57-59, March/April 2019.

Effect of Concomitant Medications on the Safety and Efficacy of Extended-Release Carbidopa-Levodopa (IPX066) in Patients With Advanced Parkinson Disease: A Post Hoc Analysis

LeWitt, Peter A.; Verhagen Metman, Leo; Rubens, Robert; More

Clinical Neuropharmacology. 41(2):47-55, March/April 2018.

Lisuride, a Dopamine Receptor Agonist With 5-HT2B Receptor Antagonist Properties: Absence of Cardiac Valvulopathy Adverse Drug Reaction Reports Supports the Concept of a Crucial Role for 5-HT2B Receptor Agonism in Cardiac Valvular Fibrosis

Hofmann, C.; Penner, U.; Dorow, R.; More

Clinical Neuropharmacology. 29(2):80-86, March-April 2006.