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Opicapone Pharmacokinetics and Effects on Catechol-O-Methyltransferase Activity and Levodopa Pharmacokinetics in Patients With Parkinson Disease Receiving Carbidopa/Levodopa

LeWitt, Peter; Liang, Grace S.; Olanow, C. Warren; More

Clinical Neuropharmacology. 46(2):43-50, March/April 2023.

Baclofen in the Therapeutic of Sequele of Traumatic Brain Injury: Spasticity

Pérez-Arredondo, Adán; Cázares-Ramírez, Eduardo; Carrillo-Mora, Paul; More

Clinical Neuropharmacology. 39(6):311-319, November/December 2016.

No Association Between SLC6A4 Gene Polymorphisms With Treatment Remission to Venlafaxine in Han Chinese Depressive Patients

Wu, Na; Liu, Liangjie; Ren, Decheng; More

Clinical Neuropharmacology. 44(2):53-56, March/April 2021.

Effects of GRIN2B, GRIA1, and BDNF Polymorphisms on the Therapeutic Action of Ketamine and Esketamine in Treatment-Resistant Depression Patients: Secondary Analysis From a Randomized Clinical Trial

Beanes, Graziele; Caliman-Fontes, Ana Teresa; Souza-Marques, Breno; More

Clinical Neuropharmacology. 45(6):151-156, November/December 2022.

Pharmacokinetics of Levodopa in Patients With Parkinson Disease and Motor Fluctuations Depending on the Presence of Helicobacter pylori Infection

Narozanska, Ewa; Bialecka, Monika; Adamiak-Giera, Urszula; More

Clinical Neuropharmacology. 37(4):96-99, July/August 2014.