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RAF1 variants causing biventricular hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in two preterm infants: further phenotypic delineation and review of literature

Thompson, Danielle; Patrick-Esteve, Jessica; Surcouf, Jeffrey W.; More

Clinical Dysmorphology. 26(4):195-199, October 2017.

Rubinstein–Taybi syndrome type 2: report of nine new cases that extend the phenotypic and genotypic spectrum

Hamilton, Mark J.; Newbury-Ecob, Ruth; Holder-Espinasse, Muriel; More

Clinical Dysmorphology. 25(4):135-145, October 2016.

Differences in the clinical spectrum of two adolescent male patients with Alström syndrome

Kuburovic, Vladimir; Marshall, Jan D.; Collin, Gayle B.; More

Clinical Dysmorphology. 22(1):7-12, January 2013.

Recognition of the phenotype of thalidomide embryopathy in countries endemic for leprosy: new cases and review of the main dysmorphological findings

Vianna, Fernanda S.L.; Schüler-Faccini, Lavínia; Leite, Julio César L.; More

Clinical Dysmorphology. 22(2):59-63, April 2013.